A Few Thoughts Before Valentine’s Day…

February 12, 2016


I don’t ask for much. I really don’t.

When it comes to love and relationships, you can’t go wrong with showering your partner with gifts and notes of admiration. For some, that’s all they need to be reminded that the person they’re committed to cares.

But for me, material things and sweet nothings are just a scantly thin slice of the proverbial pie of love.

Conversation. Connection. Presence. These make up the heavier, more substantial ingredients in the mix. Everything else serves as the frosting, sprinkles and overall décor of the finished product.

There’s nothing special about something that looks good on the outside, but is much too salty, bitter or tart at its core.

I want what so many men and women dream of in this world. To find a partner—a best friend—with whom I can grow, marry and share a lil’ DNA. One who acknowledges my worth as much as I appreciate his. Someone who will age alongside me: wrinkles, thinning hair, senile tendencies and all.

I’m his number one and he is mine, that is until little versions of us come along and make that notion a bit more complicated. Together, we’ll build a legacy of our own.

Is that so much to ask for?

© Scappiamo, 2015


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